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Japanese Pop Culture Cosplay

Jrock Cosplay
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†Welcome to JCosplay†

So what is it exactly? For many years, cosplay has been a fad in Japan as well as various parts of the world, not only costuming for anime conventions but also it can side as a street fashion. There are TONS of different styles of cosplay, however, this particular community is focused on the Japanese "pop" culture including Jrock, Jpop, Lolita, fruits, decorers, Kodona, etc.


I would like not to have rules on this community because I do want everyone to have a good time here, however, in today's society there will always be flammers and spammers so there order must be kept here. Anyway here are a few rules I expect everyone to please follow:

1. No flaming, fighting, or making fun of others. Please use your best etiquette.

2. Spam is not accepted. This includes posts with no real point to them or are off topic to Jcosplay.

3. If you are posting multiple pictures please put them behind a LJ cut. If you only have one you don't need to do this unless it is a large picture. Anything larger than 450x450 pixels will need to go under a cut as well.

4. You may advertise other communities, meet ups, conventions, etc but if it contains a lot of information with detail please also place this under a cut. Brief explainations such as "Hi. I am hosting a meet up at Place from Time-Time Hope to see you there." does not need a cut but anything longer will need one.

5. Any auctions or sales may also be advertised her but please also put these in a cut as they can be thought of as spam to some people.

6. Please treat the moderators as you would like to be treated. They are no higher than you, they are basically here to make sure everything in the community runs smoothly and everything is going well. We are all human and are all here because we have a passion for cosplay so please do not flame them.

7. Have fun!

Other than those few things, please keep the community ON TOPIC. This includes asking/sharing tips on cosplay, sharing pictures/sharing your Jcosplay experiences, Casualy talking about cosplay, searching for a cosplay group/partner, selling cosplay, etc. There are many topics that are accepted, those were just a list of a few things you can do here.

Also, please do NOT post about obsessing over your favorite Jrocker here. If you chose to introduce yourself you may mention who your favorite artist/band is but please do not make a post just talking about that group/artist, there are plenty of other communities out there for fandom.

Finally, if you do not know how to make a LJ cut you just input tag (removing the *s)

<*lj-cut text="Title here"*>

pictures/text goes here.



Administrator: lolitamana

Mod(s): chibikate